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250m3/day Packaged Drinking Water RO System in Containerized. Mar 13, 2023

Drinking the safety, healthy and good taste water is a major factor in the enjoyment. Today we are going to show you the 250m3/day Packaged Drinking Water RO System in Containerized. 

This industry RO System for treating river water to drinking application, you can see this water dispenser will be installed in different office building floors, each floor designed one set.

 Now let’s go and see the inside of Containerized RO System

Self-priming pump, boosting the water from primary tank to this Containerized RO System.

Multimedia Sand Filter, to effectively remove suspended solids, organic matter, colloidal  particles, microorganisms.

    This Activated Carbon Filter, it can absorb the residual chlorine , removal effects on bad odor smelly, colloid and colors.

    This Cartridge Filter, with accuracy 5um as pretreatment system.

    This 250m3/day RO System, it has 15sets of 8-inch RO Membrane,

    It can remove particles, colloids, organic impurities, heavy metal ions, harmful bacteria substances and 99% dissolved salts.

    From here the clean water will flow to UV Disinfection, then stored in this stainless 304 pure water tank.

   This Water Supply system, pumping the water to different water dispenser or faucet .

  Water is Life

  For our healthy water, Choose Hinada’s water equipment or solution, thanks.

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