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30m3 Per Hour EDI System Pure Water Filtration Operation Mar 04, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the EDI Pure Water System, which will ship to Russia, with a capacity of 30m3/Hour.

It has 6 sets of 5m3/hour EDI Modular, the Maximum design flow rate can be 6m3/hour for each EDI Modular.

This is the Control Panel of this EDI System, the Indicators A, B, and C show 3 phases of input Power. If any of the indicators, not lightning, that’s means phase loss.

This input water Conductivity Meter, the right one is Permeate Resistivity Meter.

This No#1—6 EDI Controller Button and Power Voltage.

Those buttons for operating and controlling this EDI System.

The first one is Emergency Stop; it can work as the main switch, during the working time, the button should be open; if the EDI System is closed, this button should be in an off state.

The second button is Booster Pump, the third button is Chemical Clean Reflux Valve.

The fourth Button is the High-Pressure Alarm,

This input water tank Water Shortage indicator

The clean water tank High Water Level indicator


This Lines button is NO #1—6 EDI Controller,  Start and Stop Button.

Firstly, open the booster pump button, then open those NO#1—6 EDI Controller buttons, and open the Main Switch. Then will automatically start running, and check the conditions, this Water Shortage Indicator on that’s meaning input water tank shortage of water, for this test we give it a high water level signal,  The Booster, and Inlet water Valve will start and run it, and the whole system will run it. 

The whole EDI System treatment process is from the Booster pump to a cartridge filter and enters the 6 EDI Modulars.

We come to check the flow meters, the concentration meter is around 400L/H, Pure water flow meter design at 5—6m3/hour, and the whole EDI System Permeate Flow meter is around 35m3/hour.  The concentration flow meter is around 2.4m3/hour.

The Inlet pressure at 0.2MPa.

The Inflow Conductivity Meter is at 0.62 us/m, Permeate Resistivity Meter is at 18.2 Ω

This the controller No #1—6,  Electric Current and Voltage, normally the Electric Current set at 2—3Am, if water quality very good choose 2Am, If water quality not good choose at 2.5—3Am.

30m3 per hour EDI System pure water filtration operation, Any further questions just let us know.


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