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Carbon Enhancers in Steel making Nov 08, 2022

Carbon Enhancers in Steel making

In general, in the smelting process, the carbon content in the steel does not meet the expected requirements due to improper batching, charging, decarburization, and other reasons, and then it is necessary to add carbon to the steel. There are many kinds of carbon enhancers in common use, such as pig iron, electrode powder, petroleum coke powder, charcoal powder, and coke powder. In the converter smelting, high carbon steel grades, the use of amorphous graphite or petroleum coke contains few impurities as a carbon enhancer. The requirements for top-blowing converter steelmaking carbon enhancers are high fixed carbon content, low ash, volatile matter, and low sulfur, phosphorus, nitrogen, and other impurities content should be low, dry, clean, and moderate particle size.

There are many kinds of raw materials for carbon enhancers, and the production process varies, including wood carbon, coal carbon, coke, amorphous graphite, etc., of which there are many small types under various classifications.

 Amorphous Graphite key feature data:
      FC: 80%MIN,
      VM: 4%MAX,
      MOI: 1.5%MAX,
      S: 0.3%MAX,
      SIZE: 200 MESH (90% MIN)
     Packing: in 25kg small bags inside 1MT Big bags
       Amorphous graphite carbon enhancers

Carbon enhancer generally refers to the graphitized carbon enhancer, under high-temperature conditions, the arrangement of carbon atoms in the microscopic form of graphite, so-called graphitization. The absorption rate of carbon additive depends on the combined effect of carbon additive dissolution diffusion rate and oxidation loss rate. In general, the carbon additive particles are small, the dissolution speed is fast, and the loss speed is large; carbon additive particles are large, the dissolution speed is slow, and the loss speed is small. The size of the carbon enhancer particle size selection and the diameter of the furnace chamber and capacity. In general, the diameter and capacity of the furnace chamber, the particle size of the carbon enhancer to be larger; conversely, the particle size of the carbon enhancer to be smaller.

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